Group Travel in 2022: The Top Trends and Insights

May 3, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

Top Group Travel Trends and Insights

Travel is Expected To Boom in 2022

Despite the economic hardships most have endured in the past two years, travel is growing. Those who do have money to burn are burning it on travel experiences. This is especially true of many millennials, who are looking to have those meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. More than 62% of travelers plan to take a trip in 2022. This will ultimately cause a boom in the travel industry. This is despite higher inflation and gas prices. Additionally, travelers are looking to plan those bucket-list experiences in the next two years.

The Shoulder Season Rules

For many places, traveling in the shoulder season can be a delight. There is a multitude of reasons why the shoulder season is the way to go. Firstly, the weather is usually the best for touring, where you are not dealing with the summer heat and the summer crowds. Second, there are almost always shorter waits for attractions and museums.  For instance, Italy during the autumn is a quiet and less crowded experience. Another perk of shoulder season travel is shopping. Many merchants are looking to sell their goods for the year and enjoy the winter. They usually sell goods such as leather coats and fine jewelry for about half the summer tourist prices.

Solo is the Way to Go

Many solo travelers are currently joining group tours. This gives independent people the opportunity to have a travel guide as their tour leader at their disposal. Another advantage is being surrounded by like-minded travelers in the group. Solo travelers love it that a group travel planner has handled all the travel planning, too.

Multi-Country Tours are in Fashion

When it comes to international travel, many prefer to see more than one country on an international trip. When travelers take a multi-country tour in Europe, they get exposure to several different cultures, landscapes, and history.

Two Weeks Away is Ideal

It seems to be mutually agreed upon in travel circles that two weeks is the maximum amount of time away for a great group trip. This is the perfect amount of time where you can experience as many highlights of your destination as you can. When you join a guided group tour, you can skip the lines at museums and attractions so you can make the most of your trip time.

Seasoned Travelers Wish to Visit Somewhere New

The trend for group travel in 2022 is new destinations instead of a familiar favorite.  An astonishing 84% of travelers wish to head to a brand new destination for their next trip.

This is also where many will want to take that much-desired bucket list trip while travel opens back up. The bucket-list trip is a once-in-a-lifetime touring experience. Some travelers may wish to visit the pyramids in Egypt, hike Machu Picchu, or visit one of the numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites for their next journey.

The Top Interests are Various Travel Niches

This coming year, niche travel will be a huge trend with group travel. The most popular travel niches include foodie tours that include wine tastings, cooking classes, and dining. Cultural tours let the traveler live and experience like a local in their travel destination. History buffs can sign up for guided tours where they can skip the lines at any museum or attraction worldwide. Today there is no limit to the number of bespoke tours available for every taste and budget.

Group Travelers Prefer the Guided Tour Experience

Guided tours make it easy for your group trip to go as smoothly as possible. Imagine how it would be if you have all the details planned by a travel advisor. From the moment you step off the plane to the time you depart, every detail of your trip itinerary is set up for the group.  Tour operators make arrangements for lodging, transportation, local guides, and easy admission into museums and cultural landmarks. All you and your group have to do is follow your tour leader, and sit back and enjoy your surroundings.

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