How Can You Give Back While Traveling For Business?

Oct 28, 2021 | Traveler’s Q

How Can You Give Back While Traveling For Business

How Can You Give Back While Traveling For Business

How Can You Give Back While Traveling For Business

Once your business has had a little bit of success, you would like to give something back. There are many innovative ways to give back while traveling for business that does not involve a fundraiser or donating money. Your business can give back in a way that really can make a difference. If you are wondering what are some of the ways that you can use your business to travel for good, we have some great suggestions.

How Can You Give Back While Traveling For Business

Do A Voluntourism Trip

If you really are interested in giving back while traveling for business, you could do a great deal of good with voluntourism. You can take this opportunity to mentor younger generations from a different culture in your industry. You can represent your country, your industry, and your business by working with others in an international environment.

You can also participate in voluntourism the old-fashioned way, by volunteering your professional services to help underprivileged people. For example, if you are in the medical field, you can volunteer with Doctors Without Borders. There are hundreds of ways that you can participate in voluntourism worldwide, no matter the field.

Donate Some of Your Airline Miles

If you have a surplus of airline miles, you can donate them in ways that can help others. Many major US carriers such as American, Delta, and Southwest partner with many charities and nonprofits. The charities include disaster relief, children’s organizations, and veterans programs, plus many more that provide transportation free of charge

Choose Destinations with Care

You may not realize what an impact your decision on the business travel destination has for that area of the world. It is paramount that you make an informed decision about your business destination. Does your destination share the same fundamental values that you do? It is a good idea that your destination’s overall values coincide with your professional and personal values.

Patronize Local Merchants

When you are on a business trip, the local merchants in your destination are the most impacted by your visit. Shopping locally does not mean only restaurants and groceries, but other goods and services. When you shop locally instead of big box stores, you support the local economy. Try to patronize family-run restaurants and retail outlets. You can also find many gems in mom-and-pop stores, such as genuine artisan products instead of the typical tourist trinkets like t-shirts and magnets.

Keep the Tourism Economy Flowing

You fuel the tourism economy by simply traveling as much as you can. Income from tourism is what keeps many international destinations alive. When disaster strikes, such as a hurricane in the Caribbean or a volcanic eruption in Hawaii, this significantly affects the tourism industry in two ways. First, the destination will need to recover from the damage itself, plus it will have to get its tourism industry back to the levels it had previously.

You don’t specifically have to go to a disaster area to give back with tourism, though. Just knowing that you are visiting the destination is helping the local economy, no matter what the destination or circumstances.

Traveler’s Q can assist you with any travel philanthropy event or business trip. We can help you and your company experience the joy of giving back with travel. Contact us today to get started moving toward the future of travel.