How to Measure Engagement for Your Business Event

Jul 21, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

How to Measure Engagement for your Business Event

Analyze Your Website Traffic

Your business website is the center of your brand. Therefore, you will need to begin measuring here. If your event was a success, then there should be some new interest, traffic, and engagement with your brand. Use Google Analytics to measure your website traffic, but pay attention to more than just the numbers. You will need to watch where your website traffic is coming and going, as well. This means that you will want your website traffic to be meaningful, which will help your business with an increase in leads and subscribers.

Content Marketing

You can create content marketing based on your corporate event and measure the results. For instance, you can create content based on your event hashtag, quotes from panel speakers, blog posts with takeaways from the event, and/or clips of the event highlights. This method will help you measure the engagement of your attendees because this post-event content is resonating with your audience. It is also easily measurable with any likes and comments you receive that prove your audience is engaged.

Track Social Media

Social media engagement is the one major metric where you can analyze business growth. Of course an increase in followers on social media platforms is an indication that your event was a success. However, you do not only want an increase in numbers; you want an increase in engagement, too. You will want to keep active on social media to keep the communication going between existing attendees. You may even want to appoint a few ambassadors among some key attendees who can help you promote your next event.

Get An Event App

An event application is a great way to measure the success of your corporate event. The majority of internet users (51.3%) browse the web through a mobile device. Your event application will be directly connected to your event and can provide you with a huge amount of data on your audience’s behavior and engagement.

Analyze Your Event Lead Generation

Next to sales, lead generation is the second biggest goal for business events. This is especially true for brands that market specifically business to business (B2B). When your event brings in prospective customers, it indicates how effectively you did engage the attendees.

Be aware: To track this lead generation, you will have to keep info on your leads for quite some time. This is due to your industry buying cycles, and therefore it may take a little time for that lead to become a customer.

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