How to Plan A Smooth Solo Business Trip

Aug 25, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

Tips for A Smooth Solo Business Trip

Book Nonstop Flights Whenever Possible

Flights are unpredictable and often delayed. You do not want to be late meeting any prospects during your business trip. To avoid missing your connecting flight, whenever possible book direct flights, even if it costs more. You will save yourself the stress of missing a layover and, most importantly, your corporate event.

TSA and Global Entry Saves Time

For any corporate travel trip, anything that saves you time at the airport is golden. The services of TSA Pre-Check, Global Entry, and Clear help expedite your journey through the airport. Your initial return on investment of $85 to $110 is worth the cost for the time you save.

Keep Your Appointments in Your Agenda

Business travel experts recommend saving appointments organized in your agenda beforehand to save time. You can also keep your travel lighter if you download your agenda to a file on your Google Drive for easy reference. Make sure you can reference your agenda while offline as well, since you may be out of cell range during your trip.

Save Maps and Directions Offline

While planning your schedule, download all directions, maps, and itineraries to your phone offline. This will make it easy to get yourself to your scheduled meeting with more ease than if you planned your route just before leaving.

Make Parking Arrangements Beforehand

To save yourself time and stress, make parking arrangements for business meetings before your corporate travel. One of the biggest challenges a business traveler can face is finding a parking space for a business event or meeting. You can pre-book your parking space with many online parking marketplaces such as Spothero. The platform can help you book a private driveway or a garage space adjacent to your meeting.

Don’t Overextend Yourself

When planning business travel, be sure not to put too much on your plate. Make sure you have ample time to rest between corporate events. You will also have to incorporate some personal time into your trip, as well to rejuvenate yourself, so keep that in mind when planning your itinerary.

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