How To Plan Holiday Travel for A Group

Nov 25, 2021 | Traveler’s Q

How To Plan Holiday Travel for A Group

How To Plan Holiday Travel for A Group

How To Plan Holiday Travel for A GroupThis year you will want to plan the best holiday trip for your family or a group of friends. If you are overwhelmed at the thought of scheduling this endeavor and how to do it, we can be your travel guide and help with your group travel planning.

Travel Tips For Planning Group Holiday Travel

There are several steps in planning successful group travel.

Plan in Advance As Much As Possible

This goes without saying, especially when you want to travel for the holidays. You may very well be planning trips for next year, as it is a bit too late to jump on those special deals. Besides, it does take quite a bit of planning and time, especially if this is your first time arranging group travel. When you add in the number of people, destination, and what type of trip you will ultimately have, it will take time to decide. Plan on arranging a trip like this taking anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months.

Designate a Coordinator

The group should collectively make suggestions and plan the trip, with one person designated as the leader. This is how you decide the where, what, and how the trip will be. Are you going to travel as a group to a destination, or are you going to do a group staycation?Once everyone has decided on the itinerary, it is best to let the group leader take over. The leader will get all the basic information from everyone and will make all the arrangements. If the leader would like to delegate some part of the itinerary to another member of the group to handle a specific task, such as dinner reservations or activities, that is something they can do.

Plan a Rough Budget

Early on, a budget range should be agreed upon with all paying members of the group. Of course, everyone should make their own allotments for their personal expenses, plus a small cushion in case of emergencies.

Type of Accommodation

What type of accommodation you book for your group holiday trip depends on the group and any activities you may be doing.Also, depending on your budget, group hotel rates can come into play, as well as the cost of an Airbnb versus a hotel or private home. These are just some of the variables that come into play when choosing group holiday accommodation.

Plan A Loose Itinerary at First

Do not bombard your group holiday trip with back-to-back activities. You are going to need a bit of wiggle room in between activities for everyone to decompress. No one will enjoy themselves if you are always rushing somewhere. You also have to factor in if there are children or elderly on your trip, they will need more time to transition between activities.

Have Some Activities Pre-Planned

Do have a handful of activities already booked before your trip. A good rule is to set up one main activity a day, depending on what the activity is and how much time it takes. For instance, if you have a day trip planned for one day, besides dinner, do not plan anything else for that day. To make it easier, plan the next day with a little extra free time. Also, leave some room for anything spontaneous activity that may come along.

Traveler’s Q has many travel tips that can help you plan any size group trip for any occasion. Contact us and speak to a travel planner to get started on your next group event.