Managing Pre-Flight COVID Requirements with Your Business Travel

Dec 8, 2021 | Traveler’s Q

Managing Pre-Flight COVID Requirements with Your Business Travel

Managing Pre-Flight COVID Requirements with Your Business TravelThe new world of business travel post-COVID is going to be quite different than before. Chances are, depending on your business destination, you will be required to take at least one COVID-19 PCR test for your travel plans to continue. Scheduling and taking your preflight COVID tests have become a crucial part of your domestic and international travel planning.

How can you manage this new protocol into your business travel schedule?

Schedule Your Covid Tests As Soon As Possible

COVID-19 PCR tests are now a permanent part of your travel plans. You should include these appointments as soon as possible after your trip is scheduled. If you are traveling to an international destination, this is even more vital. If the destination’s language is not the same as your own, you may face some difficulty scheduling your COVID test. Bear in mind that every country may have different procedures for scheduling the required tests. For instance, the procedure for scheduling a test in the UK currently can be very different in comparison to another country. When language barriers come into play, this can also affect the efficiency of scheduling your test. Add in the fact that now each country or region is operating on its own set of travel restrictions and guidelines. As a business traveler, you will have to meet the travel requirements for home and your destination.

A travel advisor can help you schedule these appointments. One of the major changes the pandemic has brought to the travel industry is inspiring innovations in travel planning. The advisors are catching up with the latest in travel technology, and are looking to not only find you competitive travel deals, but now many will specialize in this new type of travel planning.

Allow Yourself at Least Half A Day For the Test Itself

As a corporate traveler, your business trip will be filled with meetings, conferences, and bleisure activities. A new change is that you will have to schedule your COVID tests into your business schedule just like any other appointment. Eventually, the COVID test procedures will go more smoothly overall and will take less time. This is especially true when innovators in the industry make it easier for busy travelers to get these tests such as coming to hotels or coming wherever you are.

In the meantime, it is best to allow yourself at least a half-day in your schedule on the appropriate day for your test. You will have to allow yourself time to get to your testing site depending on where it is. Arrange for your transportation to and from the test site in advance if at all possible. You can use a rental car, Uber, or whatever means of transportation available to get you there. Your objective will be to get yourself to the site, walk-in, take the test, and resume your day. Keep in mind that just like anything else involved with travel, it may not always run smoothly. There may be little bumps in your plans, especially if you are traveling to an international destination.

Have Everything Handy At the Airport

You have taken your COVID test or tests and now are ready for the airport. Below is a list of documents currently needed for travel:

  • PCR Test Results

Your COVID-19 PCR test results should be handy and readily accessible. Most testing facilities make your results available to you within 24 hours. The labs contact you via email, text, and even telephone if requested. Your test results can be stored on a QR code on your smartphone through many applications. As a backup, you should also keep a hard copy or copy of the result email stored just in case you have any difficulty accessing your QR code.

  • Attestation Form

Most airlines are requiring passengers to fill out an attestation form before boarding the plane. Depending on the airline, you can complete the form online or hard copy at the airport. Some airports require both. It is best to locate the hard copies of the form and complete them and have them handy next to your test results and other travel documents.

  • All Other Relevant Travel Documents

Of course, you will have to bring along all the other usual travel-related documents that you have always had. Required documents include driver’s license, passport, lists of medications, and more. Work all your COVID-related travel documents into your collection of essential travel documents.

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