The Benefits of Gamifying Your Business Event

Jul 7, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

Why Gamify Your Business Event?

Better Event Engagement

You want your event attendees to be captivated and engaged from the moment they walk through the door. Event planners want the attendees to have the most memorable experience possible.  People want to absorb information and be entertained, and gamification is a great way to keep attendees engaged. At the event, attendees will talk to each other and share their enjoyment. You may not realize it, but gamification can generate more leads and create organic growth opportunities than other more traditional event activities.

Networking is a Breeze

Many people attend these business events not just to see the latest products and services but to network. Networking is much more carefree and enjoyable at corporate events with gamification activities. Gamification makes it easier to “break the ice” at events, which can lead to better networking as the encounter is fun and more casual. You can help people network at your event with gamification in several ways:

  • Create an environment that promotes communication
  • Make opportunities and space for one-on-one networking appointments at your event
  • Connect attendees who have similar interests

More Sponsor Support For Your Business

Sponsors are one of the most important elements of support for your business event. Event gamification can help grow the support of your sponsors because it helps them, too. Events bring in more leads for their product or service as well. As a result, your sponsors will want to jump on board to provide incentives to attendees. The incentives can include:

  • Prizes or incentives to interact with vendors by any unique means including quizzes and giveaways
  • Digital passports that feature different sponsors to visit
  • Sponsors can display QR codes at their booths and provide attendees with information instantly

Real-Time Feedback at Your Business Event

Gamification also provides you the opportunity to collect instant feedback from your event attendees. When your attendees can let you know of any issues during your event, you can do any damage control by resolving the problem immediately, before it becomes a negative event review.

The information that you receive from your customers and event attendees can help you with future event planning. Gamification comes into play because attendees are more likely to respond and provide feedback when they can do it as part of a game, as opposed to a traditional survey.

Once you bring gamifying into your next corporate event, you will see all the benefits it will bring. Traveler’s Q can assist you with all your event management needs. Contact us today to speak to one of our expert corporate event planners and get started.