The Best Group Travel Tours that Give Back

May 26, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

5 Group Trips that Travel for Good

Artisan Tours and Workshops in Italy

In every region in Italy, you can support artisans and their crafts. Some tours enable you to give back to these artisans and their families. The possibilities are endless as you can see Murano glass artisans in Venice to goldsmiths in Florence. This also includes foodie trips in every region so you can see the spectacular chefs up-close making that delicious Italian food. Italian Stories offers many bespoke tours that can help you plan that Italian artisan experience.

Costa Rican Community Adventures

Imagine spending time in paradise, and helping preserve its people and their culture. There are many experiences in Costa Rica including visits to a coffee-growing farm, wildlife and nature visits, volcano excursions, plus many more. Lokal has many tailor-made adventures that give back to the environment and its people.

Live Like A Local in Asia

The tour company Backstreet Academy offers many group tours that concentrate on giving back with travel.  Travelers have the opportunity to choose more than 1,000 unique experiences all over Asia that give back to the communities visited. For example, you can take a food tour in the Philippines, have an unforgettable experience in the Cambodian countryside, or work with elephant trainers in Chiang Mai, Thailand. No matter your chosen destination, your group will be supporting local merchants, artisans, and craftsmen during your journey.

Go on Wildlife Tour in Ghana

Ashanti African Tours has many ethical travel programs that also give back to the community and its natural resources. Beneficiaries of these tours include protection of the rainforests, education programs implemented, and schoolhouses built for community children. The tours available are easily customizable for large groups, which can make your group travel experience even better. Featured tours include ones concentrating on wildlife conservation, heritage tours, and eco-tours.

Have a Special Culinary Experience

Most people would not consider a visit to a refugee camp as a vacation. However, a visit to a Palestinian Cooking Class may be a reason to change your mind. The experience consists of a tour of Bethlehem’s Aida Refugee Camp, plus an authentic cooking class in a home kitchen and an outstanding meal shared with the locals. The best part about this excursion is that all proceeds go to the camp’s school for disabled children.

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