Top 3 Travel Trends in 2022

Jan 4, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

#1: Getting back to nature

As much as we crave socialization and interacting with people, we also love getting out and being alone in nature. According to Kayak, destinations in Colorado and Montana make up four out of the top 10 trending destinations for 2022. This just goes to show many people are looking for places outside of the usual big city. There is also an increase in searches for beach towns like Cancun, Honolulu, and Maui. By booking travel to one of these locations, you can enjoy the great outdoors but also have the ability to get into the city and enjoy the nightlife.

#2: Workcation

Workcation is the idea of working while traveling, but not traveling for work though not having to take time off. With the increased number of people working remotely, this has become more of an option. This is especially popular with the younger generations like Gen Z who prefer a more flexible lifestyle. A lot of companies are recognizing the interest in this option and are offering their employees the opportunity to work from almost anywhere. As long as companies continue allowing this, this trend will most likely grow.

#3: Trip-stacking

Trip-stacking is the practice of booking multiple trips back-to-back. This is a more budget-friendly option if you plan to travel abroad because it can save you on airline tickets. It’s also a great way to maximize your time while traveling. An example of this would be flying from New York to France and then spending the next two weeks traveling from destination to destination without having to worry about return flights back to New York in-between.

These are just a few of the trends we think will be popular in 2022. If you’re thinking about planning a business trip or a group outing and you need a little guidance, chat with us and we’d be happy to help.