Top 5 Tips For Planning A Bleisure Trip

Sep 15, 2021 | Traveler’s Q

Top 5 Tips For Planning A Bleisure Trip

Top 5 Tips For Planning A Bleisure Trip

A growing trend in corporate business travel is the incorporation of a “bleisure” trip. This is when an employee combines a corporate business trip with a personal one. If you are about to plan this type of business trip for the first time, we have some travel tips to get you started.

How To Plan A Bleisure Trip

Business is Top Priority

Don’t be mistaken, this is a business trip first and foremost. All leisure activities will have to get scheduled around your meeting itinerary. These activities should never occur at the expense of your work.

Take Advantage of the Weekends and ‘Window’ Days

The best way to make a bleisure trip happen is to try and schedule your trips close to the weekend or major holidays. For instance, if you are due to have a meeting on a Monday at your destination, why not depart Thursday night or Friday morning? This would give you ample time to rest and adjust to any time zone differences or jet lag. You can then take the weekend to explore landmarks or attractions in your city.

The same concept is true for “window days”. In America, they are referred to simply as three-day weekends that accompany a major holiday. If you can arrange your business trip in between a mid-week bank holiday and a weekend, you can easily have days off without using your allotted vacation days.

Don’t Only Consider Your Business Destination For Bleisure

For the leisure portion of the business trip, you don’t necessarily have to stay in the same destination. For instance, if your business trip is in New York City, you can travel along to the nearby Hamptons for your leisure when business is concluded. An average of 27 percent of business travelers add another city to their itinerary for the leisure portion of their trip.

Pack Accordingly

When packing for a bleisure trip, travelers are faced with many decisions. You are going to need enough clothing and supplies to cover your business and leisure activities. Try to pack as many items as possible that can be used for both business and casual. You also will have to decide if you can get by with carry-on, or will you need to check your bags.

Make The Most of It

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself during your leisure time. Don’t waste your precious free time watching TV in your hotel room. According to Skift, the top activities during bleisure trips are culture, food, and sightseeing. Spend your free time and explore local cafes and see the museums, landmarks, and local culture.

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