Top 7 Mistakes Made by Event Planners and How To Avoid Them

Apr 28, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

Top 7 Mistakes Made By Event Planners

Lacking in Technology

One of the biggest oversights that occur with event planning is not being tech-ready. Do not wait until the last minute to make sure your event tech is working correctly. Your technology team should be on top of everything including monitors, microphones, adapters, and guest list software.

Besides the hardware, you will also need to make sure your software tech is working properly. Your team will need to make sure that all event software is compatible with PC, Mac, and mobile users of Android and iPhones. It is also a good idea to choose one operating system and stick to it, to avoid problems with guest speakers and attendees alike.

Failing to Communicate Before the Event

Your event attendees are what is ultimately going to determine if you have a successful event. Many event pros neglect to properly promote their event before the date. Think about how much information you would like to receive before any event. You should provide as much information to attendees before the event as you can. This includes badges, agenda, venue directions, and more. This will maximize your attendees’ experience for the event.

Your budget may prevent you from mailing out hard copies of all information before the event. It is also best to send all event information via email. Also, if there are any significant changes to your event, you can let attendees know immediately through email.

Not Giving Special Attention to the Five Senses

Besides making new connections, people also attend events for experiences. Think about what they will see, hear, and possibly smell as they enter your event. Present things at your event that are pleasing to the senses. This includes background music, cuisine served by your caterer, stunning visuals, and an attractive and helpful crew. The impressions that your guests get can really make a difference and make your event stand out.

Failure to Produce Intriguing Video Content to Promote the Event

Do not have your video presentations of your event be dull and ordinary. If you want to capture the true excitement of your event, grab your guests as they arrive and get their first impressions as they take in their surroundings. You can also show your guests attending seminars, viewing live entertainment, and enjoying the venue’s food.

A professional video or live stream operator is your best bet to produce a video for your event promotion. They can shoot and edit your video and can make it look better than you can imagine.

Failure To Obtain Business Insurance

When it comes to planning an event, there are so many details that anything can go wrong. All event planners carry at least basic liability insurance. To protect yourself and your business, it is paramount that you have an active liability insurance policy before your event.

Changing the Contract

If your client asks you to change your contact, think about why they would do that. How will that impact you and your business? If your client asks for major changes to your contact, you may want to consult with an attorney or other business professional.

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