Top 7 Themes for Private Events in 2022

Jan 20, 2022 | Traveler’s Q

The Top Private Event Themes For 2022

Woodstock Theme

Retro is in for event planning this year. One popular theme is recollecting the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. The possibilities are endless, with the details including popular album cover displays, flowers, period clothing, peace signs, and much more.

Game On

The year 2022 will be the year for game-changing. Many companies endured great losses in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. They have decided to up their sales game in the new year, incorporating game-changing technology for the sales teams. As a result, some companies have used a “Game On” theme for employees to inspire them to do better in the coming year.


Diner en Blanc is translated to “Dinner in White” and is a simple but classy party theme. If your company is on a tighter budget but still wants some elegance, consider an EnBlanc party. This is where attendees are decked out in all-white clothing. This is cost-effective because venues generally supply white linen tablecloths and chairs for events, so that will save a bit on your decorating expense.

Camping Retreat

When referring to camping retreat, it is not actually going into the wilderness but a retreat with a camping theme. Guests enjoy custom tents, many camp activities including bonfires, a s’mores bar, and beer pong. There is also live entertainment including guitarists and astronomers.


In business today, influencers are what drives sales on various social media platforms. Your event can also reach an infinite number of people worldwide if you broadcast your influencers on Instagram’s IGTV. Designers can set up separate spaces for the company’s various influencers, and they can share video content from their space.


Most people are tantalized by the excitement and glamor of a Hollywood event, but never get to attend one. The possibilities are endless with this theme, as well, where you can channel any of Hollywood’s era or niches and create a dynamic event. For instance, you could have a specific era of the film or TV industry as the theme of your event.

Future City

Why not head into the future with a future city party theme for your company? You can create a futuristic ambiance with LED video walls, touchscreen technology, and OLED screens. You can also have a lit-up model of your city of the future, and a blue and silver color scheme is perfect to fit the theme.

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