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What is Bleisure Travel and How To Plan It

Predictions for Business Travel in 2022

Companies are looking forward to the future of travel in the next year. The pandemic has caused travel to permanently change, and when you travel to your next business event, you will notice these changes in both your domestic travel and international travel.  

International business travel is expected to increase by as much as 34 percent in 2022, most likely to make up for some of the losses due to the pandemic.

Seasoned travelers are looking to take that long-coveted bucket list trip that they have been putting off.

Today many corporate travelers intend to make the best of every business trip. You can mesh executive travel with a personal segment in your travel itinerary and have an outstanding time on both legs of your journey. In this article, we will tell you about bleisure travel and how to plan your first bleisure business trip.

What Exactly is Bleisure Travel?

Simply put, bleisure travel is a combination of business travel and leisure travel. Although the primary purpose of your trip is attending a conference, convention, or meeting, you factor time in during the trip for leisure activities. Bleisure has been a trend in the executive travel circles for quite some time. But in these days of remote work, bleisure travel has become even more popular as people continue to mix business with pleasure.

Another great thing about bleisure travel is that it allows you to occasionally bring along your spouse or family members. This can be a great perk for executive families, as you can now include your loved ones in your corporate travel like you never could before. The days of missing your significant other while they are on a business trip are long gone.

How To Plan A Bleisure Trip

Be Flexible and Look for Leisure Activities in Your Business Destination

When planning the leisure portion of your trip, look for landmarks, museums, historical sites, and things to do in or near your business travel destination. This can facilitate the ease of scheduling your activity time, as well. When you discover leisure activities, you can also plan transportation to these activities beforehand and add them to your itinerary.

Set A Schedule for Work and Leisure Activities

You will also need to set your structure for your bleisure trip. You will have to decide what works best for you. You can either alternate your business and leisure activities concurrently or do business first, leisure second, or vice versa. There is no right or wrong formula; just know that business matters take precedence in considering your schedule.

Where to Stay?

You need to decide your accommodation for the business and leisure portions of your trip. Depending on your agenda, you may want to stay in more than one accommodation. For instance, you may want to stay in a downtown hotel for your business matters due to the facilities and conveniences offered. If this location does not accommodate your leisure plans, consider booking a hotel in another location to accommodate the needs of your leisure travel.

Know What Events are Going on in the Region

It is a great idea to see if there will be any special events going on at your destination. You never know what you may come across that may make your bleisure trip even more enjoyable. For instance, if you will be traveling to a certain city for business, you may want to attend a regional festival or gala. Attending a conference in the Big Easy during February? If so, see what Mardi Gras celebrations may be happening during your time in the city. When you make the most of your bleisure destination city, you can have wonderful travel experiences.

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