What to Expect for International Travel in 2022

Dec 23, 2021 | Traveler’s Q

What to Expect for International Travel in 2022

What to Expect for International Travel in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on many changes to travel protocols and many restrictions, as well, especially with international travel. In this article, we will tell you what to expect when you resume your international business travel in 2022.

What To Expect for International Travel in 2022

Decisions Will be Made Based on Constant Changes

You will have to accept that your travel plans can and may change, sometimes almost at the last minute. As the COVID rates rise and fall and travel restrictions are mandated and modified, the inevitable change may come along.

This is where you may benefit from the services of a corporate travel planner. This professional will be made immediately available for any changes in travel protocols and will make those modifications on your behalf. The planner will also be educated in the newest travel technology that can help you navigate these constant changes with ease.

Digital Nomads Will Be More Common

Pre-pandemic, the digital nomad was already becoming a hot travel trend. New technology has made working from anywhere easier for those not just in the travel industry, but almost any industry.

Now that countries are allowing international travel again, many are making it easier to live this digital lifestyle. For instance, Costa Rica recently implemented legislation to adopt a new digital nomad visa. This digital nomad visa would allow travelers an extended period of time to live in their country, usually six months to a year on average. This also provides an incentive to the host country, as the digital nomad will be contributing to the local economy.

‘Bucket LisT’  International Trips Will Increase

While many travelers were on lockdown, they began to think of those once-in-a-lifetime trips. These are the trips we tell ourselves we will take these trips “someday.” The inability to travel at will for more than a year and a half has caused seasoned travelers to crave that sacred travel experience, whatever it may be. It does not matter if your idea of a bucket list trip is a gastronomic tour of Italy or an expedition to see polar bears in the Arctic Circle. Many travelers will look for the opportunity and actually take that epic trip.

International Business Conferences Will Resume

Americans can’t wait to meet up with their international colleagues. Experts in the meetings and events industry predict that there will be an increase in in-person meetings and conferences in 2022. After modifying sanitation methods and establishing social distancing protocols and touchless technology, conferences are expected to resume.

For several months, world leaders have tried to get international travel restarted. When mutually acceptable travel protocols are decided, the international conference industry will explode to pre-pandemic levels.

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